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Boston’s official residential food waste collection program is provided through a partnership between Save That Stuff, Inc, and Garbage to Garden, Inc. Meeting Boston’s zero-waste goals is a tall order, and no one solution can be used. In order to meet the scale of the program Boston plans to create, we will rely on current available infrastructure while we continue to explore new opportunities for composting. Together, Save That Stuff and Garbage to Garden have the experience in both curbside collection and processing to make Boston’s municipal curbside program a success.


SAVE THAT STUFF, INC.Save That Stuff logo

We are locally owned and operated, with a team of 75 dedicated employees. Founded in 1990 with one VW pick-up truck to provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional waste disposal, Save That Stuff began offering solutions way back when there were few alternatives to landfilling or incinerating recyclable waste. Save That Stuff is a flexible, growing company that sees recycling as a way of life. Regardless of how big or small our customers recycling opportunities may be, we service and value each customer on an individualized basis.

VW Bus Save That StuffFor centuries trees have been turned into pulp that turns into paper that turns into all kinds of serious, funny, intellectual, crazy, functional, sturdy, beautiful “stuff.” Eventually, most of this “stuff” – no matter how important it once was – gets filed, archived, forgotten, tossed out and ultimately wasted. But as you surely know, there are zillions of good and truly amazing uses for recycled papers and many other recoverable scrap materials. What you may not know is exactly how valuable this material can be and how easily that value can be realized. Save That Stuff is a leading waste management company that helps thousands of New England businesses and institutions safely and efficiently get rid of recyclables and recoverable scrap materials otherwise destined for the dumpster. And we do it while saving our customers a lot of precious time and money.


Garbage to Garden LogoGARBAGE TO GARDEN, INC.

Garbage to Garden began with an idea to make municipal-scale composting easy, clean, and accessible to all. Founded in 2012, our beloved curbside compost service offers residents, schools and commercial businesses a convenient way to recycle food scraps to renew our local soil. To meet the ever-growing demand for our services, our team has grown to 36  full time employees between Maine and Massachusetts.  

The ethos of Garbage to Garden is rooted in the spirit of sustainability and supporting the local economy as an engaged community member and responsible employer. We believe with the help and support of the community that we can reach our goal of eliminating food scraps from the waste stream to benefit the environment and our communities. By working with composting facilities, we seek to return nutrients to the soil to support our local food system. Garbage to Garden is known for innovative solutions to waste management, high quality compost for gardens, and uncompromising reliability backed up with outstanding customer service.


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Released in 2019, Boston’s Zero Waste Plan includes 30 near- and long-term strategies to divert at least 80 percent of the City’s waste from landfills and municipal solid waste combustors by 2035. Key pieces of the plan include expanding Boston’s composting program, increasing access to recycling opportunities and launching a city-wide education campaign on recycling.