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Composting facility in West Bridgewater


Our finished compost is developed over 12 months. The finished product is a nourishing, long-lasting soil amendment. Learn more about how our compost is made here. Compost made from Boston’s food waste collection program will be donated to local schools, parks and community gardens. It is the intention of Save That Stuff and Garbage to Garden that our finished compost be used to support and regenerate local food systems, while also supporting food equity and access for residents. It will be sold in bulk to local farmers to support our local food system. It will also be available for purchase for residents participating in the food waste collection program. 

Residents that receive food waste collection will be able to log into their online account to purchase bagged compost for delivery.

In the meantime, compost is available from the City of Boston to schools and community gardens. For community gardeners, you can fill out this form and get compost delivered to your garden. For schools, you can fill out the form with your school email and then pick up the compost from Landscape Express.